Work Growth Program

Programme to enhance the skills and to ensure the career growth for each TKB staff

We always strive to champion our staff growth and development where we put our main focus to the vulnerable and low-income (B40) group earners among our employees.



Our organizational vision and aspiration has always to help the staff with the target of


of the total number of staff earning above the poverty line.

On that note, we constantly ensure our employees particularly within this group are equipped with specific skills and knowledge through end-to-end training to up-skill and reskill them so they are work ready and competent to deliver excellent job.

This initiative has proven that we manage to push beyond the boundaries of B40 income bracket where there has been increase in employee’s earnings and career growth.

Apprentice Program

The company has been driven to focus on its human capital development agenda thus our flagship programme known as The Apprentice has been introduced to nurture the home-grown talent to be our future leaders.

The rigorous training programmes involve:


1) Leadership development

2) Project management

3) Coaching and Feedback Session

4) Communication

5) Personal Development

6) Management Skill

7) Other engaging and fun activities



Since it was first introduced in 2017,
the series of programmes have managed to transform more than


 where most of them are handling important portfolios and leading the operations in the organization. 

The staff was also given the exposures on several international field trip visit to Japan (2017) and Indonesia (2018) under this programme.

 The trips were organized with fun and packed activities where experiential learning is involved and they were tasked with challenging problems to be addressed.

14 staff has been involved directly where they were given a life time experience to study and adopt the values, approach and best practices learned throughout their field trips.

Recognition and rewards were also awarded to the staff as appreciation in several major events under the company.

We encourage healthy competition and highly committed to reward the top performers based on their competencies and milestones achievement.

We are committed to build a positive career development track among potential employees and couple with attractive benefits package offered thus aligning with improved commitments, motivation and performance of employee.

More than


of the staff

recorded a significant increment in their salaries and managed to get promoted after completion of the programme.


We have also partnering with several programmes providers, external bodies and organization that are known with their human capital development initiatives such as

Little Caliph HQ

Kolej Perkembangan Awal Kanak-Kanak Bukit Merah

International Islamic College (IIC)

Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor (KUIS)

Industrial partnering has benefited us in creating meaningful content and impactful programmes to our staff that has resulted in a competitive gain for us in the market.

SINCE 2018

 Training Programmes such as New Teachers Training (NTT) and Senior Teacher Training (STT) have been successfully delivered to this group with more than


have been trained under this programmes.

We consistently aim to develop our internal capability and retaining our top talent so they can deliver an exceptional work and quality service to the company and stakeholders.