1.       GENERAL

  1. This registration is a 1 year contract as service between parents and Little Caliphs Tadika Khalifah Budiman (LC TKB).
  2. Induction for Parents is compulsory for new parents and existing parents who already with LC TKB for 2 years and above.
  3. Parents and students are bind to the policy and all terms and condition in our standard operating procedure and operation.
  4. Parents are obliged to follow LC TKB’s Rules and Regulations.
  5. If there is any pandemic that requires school to be closed, Fees will be paid as usual with certain amount of DISCOUNT announced by company. School will remain close until we get VALID permission from government.


2.       ENROLMENT

  1. For late registration student, parents are compulsory to attend Induction for Parents on the same week the full payment has made. This action to ensure students can enter school on next Monday in the following week.
  2. Parent who registered after we close registration on December, student are not allowed to join the first day of school as parent did not yet join Induction for Parent. Once done students are welcome to join us.


3.       ACADEMIC

  1. LC will not give homework to your children except for extra worksheet if needed. All the books will be left at school and it will be given after it is.
  2. Little Caliphs program (module) will use phonics method for teaching reading. The process will start with LC Buku Siri Cepat Membaca, Fast Read (finished Buku Siri Cepat Membaca 3), and Little Qari (Start on March /April).
  3. Parents are encouraged to do reading at home at least 5 to 10 minutes every day ONLY using LC method. You may confuse the students with conventional or other.
  4. Parents must attend LC TKB’s program especially Fast Reading Technique, Parents & Teachers Meet Day and other events to understand the LC methods and know your kid’s performance.



  1. There is no trial for January registration. Last trial will be on December.
  2. Students are not allowed to enter the school without Offer Letter in the 1st Day of School.
  3. All students must be arrived at school before 8.30 am every day as we will do reading bahasa/ English/ Little Qari before class lesson start. School session ends at 12.00 /12.30pm (Monday to Thursday) and 11.30 / 12.00pm (Friday). Afternoon school session will start at 1.00 pm and ends at 6.00pm. Full program extended to 6.00 pm (subject to terms and conditions).
  4. There is early drop charge (arrive before 6.45 am) and Late pickup charge (Halfday by 1.30pm/Fullday by 6.15pm). These charges will be included in monthly fee invoice. Please refer to the latest fee structure for the fee details.
  5. Please label your child cloth, towel, and other item clearly to avoid confusion or changing items among students. For hygiene purpose, parents MUST provide plastic bag or laundry bag for your children.
  6. Please do not send your children to school if they are sick as we want to avoid from spreading it to other Principal have rights to call and ask sick children to be send back home.
  7. Under Ministry of Health, our crew ARE NOT ALLOWED to give your children medicine even it is from any clinic or hospital.
  8. Please inform teacher if the person who will fetch your child is not his/her Kindergarten will not hold any responsibility if parents neglect the process and procedure.
  9. Your child is not allowed to bring along any equipment such as toys, gadget, and junk
  10. School property shall not be taken out from school. If any items been taken out must be return back to school.
  11. Please alert to all memo given either inside your child bag/ given by teachers/ sms/ telegram group/ email Our main communication channel with all parents is by email as stated in your registration form (M1).
  12. Our event fee in the registration only for orientation, parents and teachers meeting (2x), annual sport day, theme of the month (10) and project approach trip (1x).
  13. Parents are not allowed to enter the school during orientation week (first week of school) but can do so after orientation week by make an appointment.
  14. For first two months of school, parent must bring/show ID card every time when you want to pick up your child, if there were any relatives who come to pick them up on that day, they also must show the ID card in order to tighten school security.
  15. All the purchase of uniform, sports attire, school bag and etc., just use one platform only at TKB Mall go.jomdaftartadika.com.
  16. Student’s half day packages and taking special programs lunch fee will be charged
  17. In any case of complain to school, parents are bind to LC TKB complain policy, procedure and process flow.



  1. Monthly fees need to pay before 7th day of the month. Monthly fees will be paid using SMAP system. No cash transaction/bank transfer/online transfer
  2. Strictly no refund or deductions given if student is absent for any reason except for December due to fix monthly



  1. School have the right to terminate the student with misbehavior that might after other children / teachers / school and for those that not follow school rules; example attendance problem, attitude, payment due, etc. If any, school shall terminate the student with no refund.
  2. Any termination from the school; please fill up the form and if there is a refund, the process will be in 21 working days subject to approval based on terms and
  3. Any misconduct from parents, school has the right to withdraw the children from school.