We work so hard in order to produce a wonderful little khalifah that can make us proud one day, it has been such a pleasure dealing with parents and we thank Allah S.W.T for all the goods that He gave us.


In a nutshell, we would like to thank all parents for being such an amazing partner for us to work with. Focusing on guiding your children is definitely our main priority.


Nurul Hidayah-Ibu Bapa

“ Alhamdulilah, program di Tadika Khalifah Budiman banyak memberi pendedahan pada anak saya tentang asas dalam Islam seperti solat, doa-doa harian dan tetapan nilai-nilai murni di setiap skop pembelajaran dijalankan”

Nor Asyikin - Ibu Bapa

“ Im very impressed by the overall setting and design of the classroom,which I find it provide a nurturing environment for the children to learn and interact with others”

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