Tadika Khalifah Budiman - Little Caliphs Program - JomDaftarTadika

Dear Respected Parent/ Guardian

Assalamualaikum wbt.
All praises only due to Allah SWT. Solawat and Salam to our beloved Nabi Muhammad saw, his family, and his companions.

1. A booking deposit of RM 300 must be made to confirm seat reservation at http://go.jomdaftartadika.com/product/booking-little-caliphs-registration/

2. We only accept payment via online payment on TKB Mall:

i. There will be charge of RM1.00 for the gateway provider under ToyyibPay from the total amount.
ii. Once transaction done, you will be receive the billing from the system directly.
iii. Complete Student Registration Form (M1) and upload all supporting document to us.

3. Payment by cash, bank transfer, cheque will not be accepted at all. Please make the payment at our e-commerce site, TKB Mall. [Click Here]

4. Our briefing session are COMPULSORY TO NEW PARENTS. Please visit or attend our briefing session within 14 days of the booking date. If you already visited our centre,  or you are our existing parents who continue your children’s school session with us next year, please ignore any email or reminder about it.

5. Please alert on the refundable policy (14 days policy):

a) If you want to cancel the reservation within 14 days of your payment, RM100 is not refundable due to our management cost and 3rd party service provider.
b) After term of 14 days of the payment made; only RM150 will be refund if you
want to cancel the reservation.
c) No Refund for any deposit (RM300) after 30th November
d) Any cancellation need to email to us and the refund process will take until 21 working days.

6. Full payment must be made before 30th November to confirm registration and to allowed collection of uniforms and books.

7. Your seat will not be reserved after 30th November and subject to availability.

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