Sponsorship Program

This programme is a part of infaq/tabaruk under TKB inisiative for student.

Tadika Khalifah Budiman, under Tadika Khalifah Ilmiah Sdn. Bhd. has been implementing various initiatives to help the poor, the needy, the orphan, the marginalised group and particularly those who are in the low income group.


  To rationalize this, we have designed the programmes known as ‘Annual scholarship programme’.

It was initiated back in 2017 and is still going on strongly, where the programme is open to students who have difficulties in accessing a proper education platform due to their financial limitations which is open to all students with age ranging from 4-6 years old.

We have  offered various forms of assistance to this group that includes monthly financial support up to 10 students at each of our branches.

The funded scholarship programme comprises of all the basic elements such as the monthly, yearly fee, convocation fee and all internal/external activities being awarded to these students.


An estimated cost of

per student/per year (RM)

has been allocated for this purpose.

Additionally, to ensure the success of this programme, a Cross-Subsidization initiative was introduced whereby other portfolios of our company resources have been channelled in order to ensure the programme runs at full capacity and accessible towards a broader target group that includes parents and students. 



With this effort, several objectives have been achieved such as


1)to help parents ease their time on childcare hours

2)to allow them to find decent jobs and improve their quality
of life aswell as their children’s upbringing.


For the students,
fundamental skills such as reading, counting, development of motor skill
and sensory skills have been achieved by

more than


of participants

from this programme.

Since 2017,

 This program has funded

Asnaf Students

KIndergarten Branches

All these modules are crafted using the official Syllabus Programme endorsed by the Ministry of Education and the approval requirements are thoroughly reviewed and strictly based on eligibility so as to ensure the programme goes to the rightful channel.

We are also open for any donation from any parties in order to further enhance this programme. We can be reached from any of our respective branches, and our principals will be more than happy to assist.

Our teachers all across our branches and the management team have been working effortlessly to fulfilling all our objectives.

We have demonstrated unwavering commitment throughout our efforts from regular visits and continuous research in order to find and help these groups so we can be of help to ease their burden as well as providing motivational and moral support/guidelines for both parents and their children.

Apart from that, these initiatives are meant to help those affected parents in terms of securing the safety, getting more hours to focus on gaining income, as well as providing quality child care services from our well-trained and experienced teachers who attended this task with generous heart and sincerity.

*For reference
please contact 03-51314978 / e-mail : icare@aslgroup.com.my


Together, we can provide more  help and assistance towards a
greater cause within the community.

*Disclaimer : all pictures provided are before CMCO period & have been permitted by each recipient of the program.