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Sit for Briefing

While you could not decide on booking, you are invited to visit our kindergarten and meet our Principals. Our Principals will guide you around the school, introduce you to the magic and wonder in our school and gladly to entertain all your enquiries.

Help Ukrainian families forced to flee​​

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a third of its population has been forced to flee their homes. Almost 8 million refugees have fled Ukraine, and almost 6 million people have been displaced within the country’s borders.​

Families forced to flee still need your support

Continued attacks in the country mean that people are losing their homes and even their loved ones every day. We will continue working in Ukraine and neighbouring countries as long as necessary to help those in need.​

But we cannot do it without you

​With no end to the war in sight, we rely on your generosity to continue providing essential, life-saving relief to people who have lost everything. ​

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