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Islamic Montessori Little Caliphs Banjaria/Taman Samudera is located at 608A, 608B & 608C, Jalan Samudera Utara 1/1, Taman Samudra, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor.

Little Caliphs Kindergarten Landmark: Nearby Giant at Batu Caves

"Tadika Gombak" is what people here call our islamic kindergarten  and for your information, we are in the business of providing Islamic-English-Creative preschool program under the brand name of The Little Caliphs Program™.

Some of the advantages that we have

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Our 9 other branches are:

Little Caliphs Bukit Rimau / Kota Kemuning 

Little Caliphs Diamond Square

Little Caliphs Bandar Putera 2

Little Caliphs Melati Utama 

Little Caliphs Jalan Genting Klang

Little Caliphs Desa Melawati

Little Caliphs Bagan Serai

Little Caliphs Slim River

Little Caliphs Bandar Melawati

We are going to share with you our experts with years of teaching experience to teach your kids and Alhamdulillah most of the testimonials  we get were parents satisfaction on their children result and outcome.

Get to know if we can offer you with something amazing and can give you the real little caliphs fee

Come visit our best kindergarten to experience it yourself! 

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Banjaria Islamic Kindergarten malaysia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tadika 4.5 Starts Award

Is there any extra charges for early drop and late pickup ?

Early drop charge Rm3 ( arrive before 7.45am) and late pickup charge Rm6 ( By 6.00pm)

When should parents pay the monthly fee and did parents get deduction if the children absence for 1 month full?

Monthly fees need to pay before 7th of the month. Fees can be cash, cheque, or online banking. Strictly no refund or deduction given if student is absent except for December due to fix monthly cost.

Can parents accompany their children during orientation week?

Parents are not allowed to enter the school during orientation week( first week of school) but can do so after orientation week.

How can parents know about any updates or information?

Please alert to all memo given either inside your child bag/ given by teaches/ sms, Facebook Page etc.
little caliphs student


"Semasa belajar di little caliphs, bacaan zikir dan hafazan anak-anak saya bagus. Mereka juga boleh membaca sukukata walaupun adrianna pelat sedikit. Dan yg penting sekali kedua duanya excited nk g sekolah, happy mode n paling best..diorg manja dengan teacher-teacher di tadika. Untuk akif, dia dah boleh membuat kiraan matematik dan saya x risau untuk akif masuk darjah 1 kerana semua dh ok. saya mmg akan mencadangkn untuk ibu bapa lain juga kerana modul dan pembelajaran little caliphs sangat sesuai dan mudah diterima oleh anak2 "
-Ibu bapa Adriana dan Akif.
Approachable and dedicated staff who work so hard to maintain good progress in children emotional and social development.
Saffiza binti Anuar
I am so impressed with the care my children receive from the teacher. Academically, I’m thrilled with my children’s reading skills. Thank you.
Fandi bin Mohd Nafiah
“ Alhamdulilah, program di Tadika Khalifah Budiman banyak memberi pendedahan pada anak saya tentang asas dalam Islam seperti solat, doa-doa harian dan tetapan nilai-nilai murni di setiap skop pembelajaran dijalankan”
Nurul Hidayah
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