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Little Caliphs Baga Serai

Some of the advantages that you might like in our islamic preschool we have:

Our 7 other branches are:

Little Caliphs Bukit Rimau / Kota Kemuning 

Little Caliphs Bandar Putera 2

Little Caliphs Banjaria / Taman Samudera

Little Caliphs Melati Utama 

Little Caliphs Diamond Square

Little Caliphs Genting Klang

Little Caliphs Desa Melawati


Little caliphs kindergarten sri gombak


Frequently Asked Questions

Tadika 4.5 Starts Award

Can i send somebody else to pick up my children?

Please informed teacher if the person who will fetch your child is not his/her parents.

How can parents know about any updates or information?

Please alert to all memo given either inside your child bag/ given by teaches/ sms etc.

What is your expectations before sending your child to the kindergarten?

Ensuring you kids can be independent and follow simple orders.

The problems that parents don’t want to face or they want to avoid when they send their child to a kindergarten

No interaction between my child and their classmates.

little caliphs student


“ Im very impressed by the overall setting and design of the classroom,which I find it provide a nurturing environment for the children to learn and interact with others”

Nor Asyikin

Approachable and dedicated staff who work so hard to maintain good progress in children emotional and social development.

Saffiza binti Anuar

“Sejak auni ke LC dia dh lebih pandai berkomunikasi dan berkawan..bijak menghafal, mempunyai minat lebih mendalam dalam sesi pembelajaran di rumah, belajar utk berdikari dan mengurus diri sendiri serta tekun utk belajar hal2 keagamaan”

Ibu Auni

“ He can perform solat in correct way,manage to follow the steps.What I really impressed as he can memories ( bacaan dalam solat ) ”

Nur Dayana

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