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We understand parents always wonder what is going on inside  Little Caliphs Kindergarten. Other than learning about islam, learning english for kids is also very important. here are some list of the questions that have always been asked by parents.

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Can you please explain the method used to teach reading with children?
Little Caliphs program (module) will do reading using phonics method and followed by recognized the alphabets. The process will start with LC buku Siri Cepat Membaca, Read Easy (finished buku Siri Cepat Membaca 3), and Little Qari (Start on March/April) 
How can parents communicate and how frequent parents can visit kindergarten?
Do come to our program especially Fast Reading Technique, Parents Teachers Meet Day, Sport Day and other gathering.
Can I request a homework for my children at home?
Homework will not be given to your children except for extra worksheet if needed. All the books will be left at school and it will be given after it is done.
Can parents accompany their children during orientation week?
Parents are not allowed to enter the school during orientation week (first week of school) but can do so after orientation week.
Can I send somebody else to pick up my children?
Please inform teacher on duty if the person who will fetch your child is not his/her parents.
How can parents contribute on children’s rapid performance for reading?
Parents are encouraged to do reading at home at least 5 to 10 minutes everyday using Little Caliphs method to ensure the process of reading running smoothly.
Can you please explain about school timetable?
All students must be arriving at school before 8.30 am every day as we will do reading/ bahasa/ English/ Little Qari before class lesson start. School session ends at 12.00/12.30 pm. (Monday to Thursday) and 11.30/12.00 pm (Friday)Full program extended to 5.30 pm.one.
Is there any extra charges for early drop and late pickup ?
There is early drop charge (arrive before 6.45 am) and late pickup charge (By 6.00 pm)
When should parents pay the monthly fee and did parents get deduction if the children absence for 1 month full?
Monthly fees need to pay before 7th of the month. Fees only can be paid by cheque and online banking. Strictly no refund or deduction given if student is absent except for December due to fix monthly cost.
How can parents know about any updates or information?
Please alert to all email & memo given either inside your child bag/ given by teaches/sms. We will also post updates on our Facebook Pages.

More Questions

Can I register my 3 years old child?
We only take 4 until 6 years old. Our module is created only suitable for 4 to 6 years old.
Who should parents contact if they want to ask about their child?
Principle or assistant principle as they are responsible for operations at kindergartens. The information about other teachers telephone numbers is a kindergarten policy not to be given to parents to avoid problems. On top of that we also have Academic Consultant to observe and keep our education level and quality at standard.
Why have briefing on parents?
Parents briefing are mandatory. Briefing and explanations will be given a little during the registration process and a special event will be conducted before orientation week. The kindergarten will also provide rules and regulations for the purpose of facilitating.
Do the children nap frequently?
Ideally nap are scheduled at the same time every day from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m.
Can we see the children at the classroom?
It is not recommended. The children will change their character when their parents are in front of them. This thing will affect other students who will at the same time ask where is their parents thus more complicated problems will arise.
If I pick up my child late from school, would there be any charges imposed on us??
Yes, we start charge at 6.00 p.m. everyday.
How many main teachers in Little Caliphs?
Depending on the number of classes.
How many branches do you have?
For our company we have 6 branches under TADIKA KHALIFAH BUDIMAN using Little Caliphs Program, and the number increase.
How will you ensure the safety of my child in Little Caliphs?
We have security card system. On top of that all of our school is installed with CCTV to monitor the safety and security of children and teachers.
Do you buy food outside?
No. All our food is prepared by our caterer or our own cook.
Did students go through any teaching/learning method throughout the orientation?

No, the orientation is a session for them to get used towards school ambience/atmosphere, mingling with teachers, as well as new friends! It’s a session that focus more towards ‘fun learning method’ imposed with leaning towards proactive activity approach on getting them to ‘get the feel’ towards school environment.

Do you accept 6 years old child with zero learning?

Yes, we do. But we need to conduct proper assessment with your child first.  We do offer extra classes on weekdays or during Saturday for a child who needs more assistance and private guidance from teachers. If the student is on a ‘zero learning’ condition, parents have to be clearly briefed that our learning method will starts from from the beginning. Parents have to support their children with additional guidance at home, such as reading session and learning recap. Parents also need to know that the expectation must meet and be on par with the child’s progress

Are your teachers professionally trained and well qualified?

Yes.  All our teachers have gone through the Little caliphs training with our certified trainers and lecturers, plus other related trainings conducted both internally and externally by our expert and certified trainers. Training consists of internal training (held by TKB) and external training (with Little Caliphs HQ).

How many times can we meet principal to discuss about my children progress?

Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) is the program/platform channel that will be conducted twice in a year. During this program, parents can directly meet teachers and Principals to inquire more detailed data regarding their children current performance. However, parents are welcome to set any ad-hoc appointment with Principals, shall there be any uncertainty or urgent inquiries.(upon early request)

Can we register/convert our kids from half day to full day program during mid-year?

Yes, absolutely. Parents are allowed to change their kids session in mid-year by informing directly to our respective Principals.

How did teachers handle students tantrum for the 1st week of school?

TKB teachers are well versed to handle any situation on children’s tantrum reactions. We truly appreciates the ‘trust’ parents instil towards the teachers, as well as the support for them in dealing with students issues, especially towards the first week of school.

Is it normal for parent to be panicked when seeing their kids crying for the 1st week of school?

Yes, it is normal for the first-time schoolers to cry during the early stages. Parents need to instil a ‘trust’ to school in dealing with children adversity. Parents can directly reached Principals to obtain more information regarding their children’s wellbeing and progress at school.

What document needed for registration?
The documents that needed is a copy of MyKID, 2 pieces of passport size photos and immunisation card.
What clothes should be worn and brought to school throughout the orientation?
School uniform is not required throughout the orientation. For day care students must be supplied with 2 pairs of clothes, bath, towel and milk powder if still drink milk. Each of these equipment should be labelled to avoid the belongings been swapped with other student.
Do I need to apply leave for the orientation day?
On the first day at school, parents are not allowed to enter the school. Parents also are not encouraged to take leave on the first of school. Teacher really need parents’ trust in handling the kids.
Are meals provided?
Yes. For Day Care, we serve meal 3 times a daybreakfast, lunch and tea breakFor Half Day we only provide breakfast.
What if my son was crying relentlessly every time he came to school?
Crying in the early stages is normal. Most importantly, parents should trust the teacher as the teacher will persuade and calm the student who is crying.
How many children per class?
Maximum of 14 students per class.
What time we can send our children to the school?
You may start send your kids early, from 6.45 a.m. until 8.30 a.m. before the class starts. Failure to do so will cause theme miss their individual reading session and affect overall performance.
Do you have particular website and email that we can go through, visit and contact?
Visit our website www.JomDaftarTadika.com. You also can email us at icare@JomDaftarTadika.com. Please make sure you are in the email list because all info related school will be informed and sent via email.
Are the events compulsory to be participated?
Yes they are. It is compulsory to attend all our major events such as (Parents Teacher Meeting, Sports Day, Field Trip, Graduation Day)
Is potty training required?

No, we are pre-school, we obliged parents to train their child before they school session starts. Nevertheless, we will accept and assist on students who are still using pampers, but no potty train will be conducted at school. Parents need to ensure that potty train is practised beforehand at home.

What is the main communication platform between schools and parents?

TKB used email as our main communications platform. Besides that, TKB also use branches official Telegram Channel towards sharing current or updated information to all parents..

How can we recognized teachers who fetch our kids from our representative/family member?

It is a compulsory for teachers to wear vest, name card, and smiley button badge at all times during official operational procedure on picking or sending children. Parents can identify all teachers based on these characteristics.

When is the right time to set an appointment with principal?

Parents are allowed to set the appointment with Principals from 2 – 4pm(during operational days), as per these are the period during non-operational hours regarding children due to teaching session conduct during morning periods.

Do school provide stationery to students?

Yes, we do provide stationary to students.

How long does it take for the children to be familiar with school’s routine and prevent them from being ‘cranky’?

There are no specific timeframe for students to be familiar with school’s routine, but, we are well-structured and equipped with proper activities throughout the orientation week that will provide necessary assistance towards students adapting periods.

What are the frequent challenge for schools and new parents on the 1st month of school?

First month of school is the most crucial period for both students and parents. We have sufficient experienced in handling a lot of ‘situations’,  but most of them related and focused towards on how to attract and influenced the children to be excited during school session. The content of activities for the first month will starts with introducing and adapting the students towards school ambience, teachers, and friends. We begin by developing and instilling the ‘trust’ method first.