Guideline to Give Feedback to Management

We also collect feedback on how we performed in our service these days. We actively use all these information to constantly improve and provide you even better experience and best possible service.

        1. Feedback can be made by fill in Feedback Form in JomDaftarTadika.com/feedback or email us at feedback@jomdaftartadika.com. All feedback and complaint will bypass Principal and Operation Team, thus will go directly to the Operator and Director’s inbox.
        2. For urgent feedback & complaint, parents need to directly discuss with principal and our team are happy to serve you for say issues.
        3. Parents are also encouraged to give feedback or complaint directly to INSPIRE Dept. We are very dedicated to handle all of parents complaint and feedback and will ensure the best customer service experience to all of our parents.
        4. Parents can also downloaded the feedback form using the link given :
        5. We really appreciate if parents can contact us during office hours only due to principal personal and private time (8.30 am until 6.00 pm only).
        6. If its urgent cases that need to be informed or solved (health & safety issues) please avoid using Whatsapp and directly call principal or INSPIRE department (if after office hours)

Feel free to contact us for any enquiry regarding our management and procedure.

INSPIRE Department (Public Relation and Customer Services)
Tel : 010-233 9485 / 016-349 9485  (Office hours only)

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