Program Bantuan Dapur

One of the TKB programs with parents in giving donations for those in need.

“Giving is not just about making a donation,
it’s about making a difference.”

This Kitchen Assistance Programme is one of the annual events for our organization conducted together  with our parents, students and our beloved team members, who work hand in hand in
making this programme successful.


The idea was mooted by our top management with goal in mind to help the poor, the needy, the orphans, and the elders that are in need of proper health & care, single mother and the low income earner by transmitting our empathy, care and concern  in forms of charity, delivering basic necessity items as well as giving direct donations in cash.

With the involvement of both students and parents together with our team members on the ground across our branches in KL, Selangor, Perak and Penang, it’s not just about fulfilling our social responsibility to the community,

but it also acts as a point of educational benefit to the students by giving them a hands-on experience and teaching them the values of giving back and caring for others.

To see and to hear are the most powerful medium towards reeling in deep understanding within these unfortunate families & individuals. These are the values that we emphasize both on and off the classroom in order to educate the kids with positive moral values.

Furthermore, all these activities were done during the Ramadan and the aids going on for the whole 1 month to ensure optimum assistance reaching out to the targeted group.

Apart from this, several objectives have been achieved: 

1) It raises awareness on the importance of giving back to communities in need as well as expressing the nature of caring and helping each other.

2) It forges love and helps the less fortunate people.

3) It provides exposure and awareness to students about social responsibility to society.

4) It is a symbolic of of gratitude to Allah SWT for all the blessings bestowed upon us.

5) It strengthens the brotherhood/ties between kindergarten team and parents/students.

On annual basis, our team together with our parents/students have been mobilized to run these activities with aid houses across all our branches in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Tahfiz Centers, orphanage centers as well as individual/family in needs.


For them to receive aids and donations on basic necessities such as rice, flour, cooking oil, sugar, salt, milk, sauces, chocolate drinks, etc.

Our activities were held across all our branches with details as followed:


A total value assistance worth over RM100,000 within 3 years, managed to be raised and channelled accordingly to various parties as to ensure this programme is successful in achieving its goals and objectives.


All team members, including the management team, teachers, parents, and students work hand in hand in assisting within a proper constructed plan and layout mastered by our respective team members.


On operational part, logistics and marketing activities have been started earlier in order to ensure a systematic plan with optimum coordination within our resources to ensure proper distribution channel management being achieved.


With all these noble efforts, we are committed to helping those in need to ease them through their tough period, by sustaining the value of giving back to communities within our team members, customers, parents, students, as well as our counterparts especially during this pandemic.

May Allah ease their difficulties and bless these continuous efforts with high hope and success in the future.


*Disclaimer : all pictures provided are before CMCO period & have been permitted by each recipient of the program.