9 Tricks To Make Your 3 Year Old Love Nurseries

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Eventually there will come time where you need additional support to raise your child. Separation can be hard especially for the little ones. Any mother would be nervous to send off her loved ones to a new environment. Nursery can be scary for mothers but especially the kids. There’s only one thing you can give to your child to make them brave and that is their wings.

So let’s make this journey both easier for you and your kids using these suggestions on how to stop kids from crying by Daniella Delaney.

Before the big day

  1. Take them for a visit

We all know what it’s like to be in a new environment without any familiar faces and how hard it was. The same goes for our kids. That’s why we should take them there beforehand to let them explore and even make new friends. Once they know how fun it is, they’ll be the ones to drag you to the car every morning.

  1. Brief the staff

It’s also good to brief the staff a little bit about our child. Let them know about your kids too such as their likes, dislikes, what makes them sleep and also how to calm them down. Establishing a stable relationship between them would make it easier for your kids to be happy even when you’re not around. Which means less headache for you!

  1. Read a nursery story

Another great idea is to also read them a story about nurseries.  Got to a local book store or you can search online on books about nurseries. After all, kids love to hear stories especially from their mother.

  1. Be organised

Preparation is key. Pack their bags in advance the night before, insert all the necessities so everything is there when they need it. Make sure that you too are organized with the paperwork and other important documents.

On the big day

  1. Keep on smiling

No matter how emotional you get inside about finally letting your child enter a new stage in life, don’t let it show! If they saw you crying or unhappy, they will be the same too. They are about to fly and it’s all because of your support. So, keep on smiling and be happy for your kids.

  1. Don’t keep running back

When it’s time to finally let them go, explain carefully that it’s just temporary and you will come back to pick them up. Although it can be hard at first and they will cry, try your best to not give in and run back to them. Believe it or not, it only make things worse so make sure you’re only saying goodbye once before you leave.

  1. Allow a comforter

Every child has their favorite toy or blankie that they bring anywhere. It’s okay to let them bring a piece of home with them on their big day.

  1. See her settle

First day can be quite challenging and if you’re still worried they won’t stop crying once you left, some nurseries invite parents to leave the room and watch the CCTV to see if they’ve stopped crying. Then you can leave with your mind at rest

  1. Trust the nursery

If you’re still not relaxed, keep in mind that if there were any emergencies the nursery would’ve called you already. But not to worry, you can always call the nursery to check up on them.

Use these suggestions to make this transition as smooth as possible and it’s okay to be scared even as parents. After all, they are our kids so we are entitled to be worried when they’re not by our side. Good luck!

supertent-in-nursery-jomdaftartadika-comDid you know that as a parents, you should play a big part in the develoment of you children growing process, making things fun starting from your own house is always a priority, because we want to make the excitement from kids comes from home..then they will love school.

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