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9 Ideas on Changing Your House Into a Living Dream!

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Decorating can get tricky if you don’t really know where to start. These are a few tips that Abby Stone shared on her article that you can use to enhance your decorating skills so your house would look beautiful like you’ve always imagined.

  1. Buy secondhand furniture

Furniture is a big part of decoration as it takes the most space, it also cost a fortune. You may think it’s an investment but we need to realize that we might not feel the same way about it a year later. It’s not just about saving money, it’s about finding what style you really like.

  1. Reconsider before you reject

Any person would be excited to finally decorate their house by purchasing the things they’ve always wanted but we often forget that pre-loved items might just fit in well too. Any time we receive or came across pre loved items, give them a chance and make a few tweaks so they can fit perfectly in your home.

  1. Inspiration boards are not recommended when decorating your first space

Inspirations can be good but it can interfere with your style if you are planning to fully copy the whole thing. You will struggle trying to recreate someone’s piece. A house will go through a lot of transitions so find things that will suit your space perfectly.

  1. Embrace the odds

Sometimes we’ll make mistakes when decorating because the outcome may not necessarily reached our expectations but it’s normal! You’ll hit a few bumps along the way and end up buying things you don’t like but just accept it and learn from those mistakes.

  1. Make extravagant changes with paint

The easiest way to make changes without splurging your money in something new is to paint things in a new color. Get creative whether you want to paint the walls or even the furniture.


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  1. One is enough

Painting the whole room isn’t always necessary. You can paint one wall and it would already make a big difference. It also saves more time as you may need to paint the wall more than one coat so think twice if you are planning to paint the whole room yourself.

  1. Move your furniture regularly

Make it a habit to move around your furniture at least once every few weeks. Try different arrangements and sometimes the most unexpected arrangements work the best.

  1. Don’t let the temptations get to you!

Sometimes we can get unsatisfied with the outcome of our house when we come across pictures of houses that are more beautiful. If this were to happen, try to give it time instead of changing things right away. You are most likely to find a simpler and cheaper way to fix your decor.

  1. A simple life is the best life

It can get tempting when choosing the right pieces for your house so the next time you contemplate whenever you buy things, take a picture and save it first. Wait for a few years and look back at all the options to help you decide which ones you like the most instead of buying all of it.

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