8 Tips Raise The Muslim Child You’ve Always Wanted

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Children are easily influenced by their surroundings. These days it is impossible to shield our children from all the negative forces that can shape their minds and, ultimately, their behavior. Children are the future of a generation. Therefore as parents we need to ensure that we use the best methods in raising Muslim children.

Here are a few tips from quranreading.com that you can use to raise little caliphs!

  1. Tell them the importance of worship

As Muslim parents, it’s our duty to teach the children the importance of worship, mainly about the five pillars of Islam so that the kids understand the Lordship of Allah and subjugate to Him only. Educating our kids to know and acknowledge the fact that Allah is the Only One worthy of worship is the root of having a strong faith in Islam

  1. Arrange Quran tutor

Any good Muslim should at least know how to read the Quran and in order to do that they need to have a proper guidance. Also, one of the main reasons to arrange a Quran tutor is that he or she can teach Quran to the kids with translation and explanation of verses. This way kids get a better and thorough understanding of Islam.

  1. Be kind to them

The more kind and polite you are in teaching children, the more they will be open to learning. If the preaching of Islam is done in a less than kind or impolite manner, then it will result to the person going further away from Islam. After all, there is no force in Islam. Trust that the beauty of Islam will eventually sparks an interest in them.

  1. Tell them stories

Children are wild dreamers when they’re still kids so we should use that to let them imagine about religion too. It’s important that we tell them stories about Islamic ways of life, Muslim heroes and the way they lived their lives to instill Islamic values in our kids. Moral stories are great to teach them about ethics and also values.

  1. Make Islam interesting for kids

It can be challenging to get our kids interested Islamic learning but if you make it interesting then it should make the process more easier. Nowadays we can use our smartphone and install Islamic learning apps for kids. This will surely make it a lot interesting for them to learn since it’s an interactive method.

  1. Let them sit with adults

Although it’s not a common habit in our culture to let kids sit with us and listen to adult conversations but this action will isolate them from precious Islamic knowledge which takes place during Islamic discussions among adults. For our children to get maximum exposure to Islam, we must make them part of adult Islamic discussions and lectures.

  1. Give them importance

Remind the importance of religion so that they won’t lose their way when they grow up because unfortunately it does happen to some. To prepare children for that you need to tell them the importance of religion even when they’re still young through educating family matters, general understanding and also perceptions of Islam.

  1. Reward them

One of the best ways to encourage our children is to give them rewards because kids love getting treats. Whenever they did a good deed don’t forget to give them rewards. When they feel appreciated and loved, it will be easier for you to shape them.



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