6 Ways to Be More Khushu During Salah

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We’re all leading busy lives and this can affect the time we spend in worship to Allah S.W.T. Therefore, in the little time we spend worshiping Him, we want to make sure this is done right. Here are a few points recommended by Abu Omar on how to concentrate during salah.

  1. Focus on your technique

A way of achieving this is to slow down in each position. Some people tend to read in a fast pace and normally finishes quickly. Try to recite the Quran a bit more slowly or just holding your position. This will allow you to relax more and get that piece of mind that we are focused as opposed to rushing the salah.

  1. Understand what you’re reciting

Try to make the effort to understand some of the meanings when you’re reciting during salah. This will help us to improve the quality of our salah as we have the knowledge of what is being recited. This can only allow us to become closer to Him because we are able to find that sweetness from salah through understanding what we are saying.

  1. Know your opposition

Whenever we perform our salah, it is said in a hadith that shaitaan will sit on our shoulder and whispers to us because it wants to disturb our concentration. That’s why sometimes our minds wander around and disrupt our concentration. If we understand shaitaans’ devious tricks, we can avoid letting our minds wander in salah.

  1. ‘Get in the zone’

Make preparations that will get us focused before we perform our salah. Anything that will give us the space to clear our mind and only think about Allah S.W.T. Try doing zikr for a few minutes to allow us to forget about the world and other noises for a few minutes. This will allow us to start our salah with a clear mind free from distractions.

  1. Increase the significance/importance of this salah

Remind yourself the reason behind salah to increase the significance of your salah. Doing things like reminding ourselves that He will question us on Judgment Day or consider that this salah may be our last, this will help us to perform our salah with the devotion, concentration and care we are looking for.

  1. Continuously make duaa

We should never forget to make Duaa whenever we pray and continuously ask Him to send blessings on us if we are struggling to concentrate during salah. It’s also to ask for forgiveness from Allah S.W.T for not achieving the standards required during salah and thanking Him for giving us the blessings to be able to perform salah despite our many faults.


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