As good parents, we should be able to distinguish how much is too much when it comes to discipline. Here are some effective disciplines for children by Ben Martin that we can use for our children.

  1. Be clear

Be sure to talk to your children about family rules and try to include them as much as you can. Make it a discussion so they won’t think you’re just nagging all the time. Support every rule with an explanation and reason, remember these are your kids not your employees. Also, remind them the consequences if they do break the rules.

  1. Be consistent in enforcing rules

Keep in mind that rules need to change over time. The older they get, the more flexible we need to be and this is where some parents don’t understand. Tolerate where you can but where you can’t, educate them using punishment so they can learn from their mistakes.


Kita semua tahu dengan memaksa anak kita untuk melakukan sesuatu walaupun perkara itu baik untuk mereka ianya masih tidak akan berhasil. Kanak-kanak tidak suka untuk dipaksa dalam melakukan sesuatu.

Banyak rahsia yang perlu kita tahu dalam membuatkan anak selesa untuk kita didik mereka.

Cuba Baca Ini!

  1. Communicate about rights, rules and limits properly

Let’s face it, communicating with our children can be hard and it might not go our way but it doesn’t have to be. Communicating is important so your child can come to you anytime with open arms. Make it a two-way communication and talk about rights,rules and limits. They will learn to express their feelings and are more likely to listen to you too.


  1. Use encouragement and support, not just discipline for broken rules

Sometimes we don’t realize when we’re being too hard on our kids. In our eyes, we are educating them however in their eyes, we’re always punishing them. Try to focus on all the positive things they do such as following rules especially when they do what’s expected of them without reminders from you. Noticing this shows that you truly care.

  1. Instill a sense of social responsibility in your children

Creating a sense of responsibility in them can be done if you show them the way. Be a good example for your kids. Show them honesty, kindness, fairness and state that this is the kind of person they need to be too.