Technology is a good tool, but we also need to remind them about the living. Life is not meant to be trapped in the world of technology. Nature is too beautiful to miss out on! Here’s a few guidelines as recommended by Jennifer to ensure screen time isn’t overtaking your childs’ days and some outdoor activity ideas for kids.

  1. Be the example

The attitude we have as parents are more important than the words that we tell them because children will not remember everything you say but they’ll always remember your actions. If they don’t usually see you with technology, they are more likely to follow that behavior.

  1. Set boundaries

Setting boundaries can be done right if we don’t overdo it because if we do, our kids will get rebellious with all the restrictions. Set a time limit whenever your child is using technologies for example for if they’ve been on their computers for an hour(or more), make them stop and remind that it’s time to play outside.

  1. Take regular technology breaks as a family

If you want to make real changes, it shouldn’t stop with just your kids but you must involve the whole family in it too.  Make plans for the whole family that doesn’t involve technology such as hiking, playing games or just being with each other.

  1. Give some ideas on activities to do

Telling them to stop using technologies is not enough, provide them with other interesting things to do because kids can get bored fast when they have nothing to do. Suggest ideas like playing badminton or buy them an ample amount of story books to read.


There are so many ideas that are out there for parents to look at in terms of making many good activities for your kids . you know what,if you really know about the fun things but cheap for you to let the kids play. it will be amazing!

Try This Fun Game


  1. Teach them to value people

Technology brings us closer to those who are far away, but far away from those who are close. As parents we need to teach our kids to value people either no phones during dinner time or putting technology away when we have company over.