As recommended by Tricia Goyer, try using these simple habits every day throughout the next five days, and watch how it transforms your family and your home!

  1. Smile

Day One Challenge: Smile at your child whenever you make eye contact. Greet your children with a smile in the morning and keep doing that until the day ends. Our smile breaks down barriers and will make them more comfortable to open up to us. It shows that they are accepted and loved.

  1. Speak softly.

Day Two Challenge: Whenever the volume of you and your child rises, lower yours. After that, ask them to lower their voice too instead of speaking louder than them. Whenever you want them to do something, approach them and speak with a low and soft voice. Your child will often respond in the same tone and is more likely to follow your request.

  1. Say exactly what you mean.

Day Three Challenge: Be straight-forward whenever you want your children to do something. Be as specific as possible. When you’re being vague, it usually backfires. They won’t believe that you’re serious. Instead, give direct commands in a nice way so there are no misinterpretations. 

  1. Solicit help. 

Day Four Challenge: Ask for help when it is needed but never exaggerate and play victim. You need to remember, your kids can’t read your mind. Be precise with the type of help you need. Also, make specific instructions to make it easier for kids to follow. It really works when you ask for help and the more specific the request, the better.

  1. Surrender your idea of who your kids should be.

Day Five Challenge: Your kids are not robots, don’t set expectations that they cannot achieve. Try to write out each of your children’s strengths and weaknesses. Then think about what you can do to help them develop their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. If they’re old enough, discuss these things with them. If we embrace our children just as they are, we can better understand on how to nurture them.