Every kids has their own style on how they want to be happy. Every parents need to know what their kids want from them.

According to 3 bees and me, These are 10 Things Kids Want From Parents.

1) Sing A Song And Tell Story To Your Kids

The kids want their parent tuck them in and sing them a song. Also tell them stories about when you were little.

2) Hugs, Kiss, Sit, And Talk To Them Privately

The kids want their parent always hugs and kiss them. They also want their parents sit and talk to them to tell their problem. All of this needs to do in privately.

3) Spend More Time With Your Kids

Parents need to spend more time with their kids, not with their brothers and sisters around

4) Give Nutritious Food

Parents need to give their kids the nutritious or healthy food so they can grow up healthy.

5) Spend Time With Kids On The Weekend

At dinner, parents need to tell or discuss with their kids what they will do together on the weekend.


sometimes we didnt really understand our kids!1 we didnt know what they really want because there’s so much going on in their head while growing up, Prophet Mohammad SWT did taught us a lot on how He raised his child and it is and honour for us to let you guys know about the research that had been done by the author of this book and praktic is with your kids.

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6) Before Sleep, Talk About Anything To Your Kids

At night before your kids sleep, talk to them about anything for example about love, school, family or anything.

7) Let Your Kids Play Outside

Parents need to give their kids play outside a lot to release their stress.

8) Spend More Time At Home

The kids want their parents cuddle them under the blanket and watch the favorite TV shows together.

9) Discipline Your Kids

The kids want their parents discipline them because it make them feel like you care.

10) Give Your Kids Special Message

Leave special messages on your kids’ desk or on their lunch bag.