Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a painter or a sculptor.  Problem-solving and innovative thinking in any industry begins with the power of imagination. In order to inspire this power in our children we need to start with the basics like telling stories, make art, use natural/generic materials and also foster a sense of inner space.

Here are some ideas to enhance creativity in child development and boost your child’s imagination to the fullest.

  1. Unpuppets

Collect a box of household items and it can be as random as we want it to be such as shoe laces flashlights, a shoe box as long as it’s safe and not sharp. Once everything is assembled, ask your kids to create a puppet using those objects and have fun!

  1. Wacky photos

Dig out old pictures that no one will miss and turn them into materials for your kids to use in making their masterpiece. Supply them with glues, construction paper, markers and let them cut the pictures into various pieces. You might suggest a general setting such as outer space or a medieval castle, and let their creativity do the rest. 

  1. Nature story

Get creative with the materials, go out for a walk and bring a bag with you. Ask your kids to collect at least 10 different objects such as a leaf, twigs, anything that is safe to bring home. Once you have arrived home, ask your child to make a story from the objects by reaching in the bag and pulling out items one by one for inspiration.

  1. Big box

You don’t necessarily need to fork out a pile of money for your kids to have fun. It can be as simple as just using boxes to create a fun activity. Go to a local appliance store or buy a large, wardrobe-sized box from a moving-supply store. Provide markers for decoration and let them decide what he wants it to be (house/castle/time capsule).

  1. Fold-a-creature

This is a group activity and it starts with a person drawing only the head of the monster. Then they must fold the part which they draw and pass it to left for that person to continue drawing what’s left of the monster’s body. Be sure to divide the monster into 4 parts and fold the paper after every turn. Then, unfold the papers to see the result!

  1. Art tales

Go to a local art museum with your kids and polish their story-telling skills. Let them choose which picture he likes the best and give them some time to look at the picture. Then ask your child to tell a story about what he sees and be sure to ask them with open-ended questions. Also, try to relate that story to another picture in the museum.

  1. Junk-drawer game

Pick any drawers in the house and have your kids go through one drawer and pick out a dozen of the oddest, random small objects they can find. Get a big sheet of cardboard or poster board, some markers, and some dice, and ask them to invent a game using all the found pieces. Then sit down and play together.



It is actually normal if you have kids that are super creative and will use their creativity to do vandalism in the house.lol.

Try to Use This Mat!



  1. Brush-less painting

For this activity, find things around the house to paint with and you can’t use a brush. Use other things like a string, sponges, rubber bands, strips of yarn or fabric, potatoes cut in half, or even a toy. Spread some newspaper on the floor, lay some washable paint out in small bowl, a large sheet of paper and see what develops.

  1. Reinventing the solar system

Print out a picture of the solar system and give your child the opportunity to rename the planets according to themes. What would they name the planets if they had the chance and why?

  1. Hidden stories

Ask your child to spend 15 minutes look for three random items in the house that they haven’t paid much attention to before. Later ask them to present the collected things to you and your job is to tell them a story about that object, where it came from and why they kept etc. Then ask your child to make a story that relates all the three objects.