Chetana has gathered 10 skills for you that will help you understand the importance of life skills for children which are very useful and universally acknowledge for kids to learn.

  1. Cookings

You can always ask your kid to assist you in the kitchen even from a young age. Let them learn basic life skills like cooking as it will instill healthy and dining etiquette.

  1. Wilderness survival skills

Take them camping to famous camp sites or even your nearest waterfalls. This will teach them basic survival skills like building a shelter or cook over a campfires. You’ll teach them to be independent and confident.

  1. Home garden basic

Use your backyard garden and plant easy-to-grow vegetables like pandan and chillis. They can learn how weather affects plants and how to cope with them.

  1. First aid skills

As we all know, children are prone to get hurt while playing sometimes. This is why they should know how to recover for themselves and also other people in case of emergencies.

  1. Swimming

Even if they don’t always go to the beach or other open water areas, they should learn how to swim. This will not only save themselves but also others in case of any worst case scenarios.


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  1. Money management skills

Make your kids learn about the value of money from an early age. Teach them the benefits of saving money and how to save them.

  1. Laundry

This is the most basic skill anyone should have. Your child needs to learn how do this themselves as it will be helpful for them when they go to boarding schools or college. They will learn how to take care of their own things.

  1. Household repairs

Children are always curios to know what’s inside a fridge, TV and mostly mobile phones. Help them address their curiosity instead of just let them wonder.

  1. Defense skills

There will come a time where you won’t always be by their side so this is why your child must know how to protect themselves. Take them to self defense classes so they’ll know how to react when there is danger.

  1. Time management

Teach them how to manage time efficiently through making them finish homework on time, dress without help and also getting ready before school.