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ASL Development Group (M) Sdn Bhd are growing organization looking for candidates that keen to work and qualified for the position below. In the group of companies, we are in the line of early child education, corporate training, retails, printing and others.

For this position it’s under one of our subsidiary company; ASL Edu Sdn Bhd known as Tadika Khalifah Budiman (TKB) that using The Little Caliphs Program (TLCP). TLCP are the biggest Islamic Preschool Network in Malaysia. Currently we have 15 branches TKB with TLCP program.


The position is responsible for teaching the basics of reading, math and skills in a fun, creative and personalize teaching techniques with a reference to lesson plan. It also tracks student progress and present the information to parents, create tests, create and reinforce classroom rules, work with projects and school administration.


  1. Any diploma or bachelor’s degree in early child education or others area or professional certificate from recognize body.
  2. Applied Muslimah way of life.
  3. Candidate with no experience can apply under Junior Teacher and we will conduct an official training.
  4. Have passion and love for children and flexibility.
  5. Full-time positions. Can start immediately will be an advantage.
  6. Half day and full day position available.
  7. Must work with minimum 1-year contract.
  8. Position available in all branches under Tadika Khalifah Budiman. (Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, Klang, Perak, Penang).


  1. Good in Instruction Skills; You must work to keep the students’ attention.
  2. Good in English oral and written communications.
  3. Have to work creatively with different learning styles and artistic teaching abilities to get the most out of each student.


  1. Teach basic academic skills, including letter recognition and phonemic awareness.
  2. Help students learn to read and write along with personal, social and emotional skills.
  3. Design lessons plan according to the TLCP and TKB standard and requirements.
  4. Develop students social skills, science, arts and humanities, practical living and social studies.
  5. Leading students through fun, creative play and hands-on activities.
  6. Use a variety of activities and instructional methods (songs, stories, media, structured games, art, outdoor activities etc) to motivate and stimulate children’s abilities.
  7. Organize learning material and resources.
  8. Assist principal and Academic Consultant in operation, projects and duty.
  9. Monitor children’s interactions and nurture cooperation and sharing.
  10. Follow all the guidelines and instructional from Academic Consultant and support department.
  11. Follow all time table related operation in daily routine.
  12. Follow and comply with teaching standards, SOP and safety regulations.
  13. Take charge or participate in student activity, projects and special activities.


  1. Basic + Allowances + Commission Bonus + KPI Bonus.
  2. Medical insurance.
  3. Formal training on early child will be provided.
  4. Travel claim.
  5. KWSP, SOCSO and annual leave.
  6. Staff travel local and outside Malaysia.
  7. Frequent company events (annual dinner, bbq, family day, staff match/competition, etc.)
  8. Staff training inhouse and public.
  9. Yearly bonus.
  10. Salary increment not with on degree/diploma but based on competency and potentials.
  11. Allowances and commission monthly.
  12. Hostel provided.
  13. 3 times meal provided.
  14. more and more company benefits for you.

If you the candidate that looking for the challenge and batter growth; please email to us at with the title of your email “New Star Educator, Star Students”.

With bless of Allah we are glad for you to join us and grow together in one direction.

Job Types: Full-time, Temporary, Contract

Salary: RM1,200.00 to RM1,500.00 /month

Or contact us now at 010 908 9294.

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