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We understand parents always wonder what is going on inside  Little Caliphs KindergartenOther than learning about islam, learning english for kids is also very important. here are some list of the questions that have always been asked by parents.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions 

Can you please explain the method used to teach reading with children?

Little Caliphs program (module) will do reading using phonics method and followed by recognized the alphabets. The process will start with LC buku Siti Cepat Membara, Read Easy (finished buku Siri Cepat Membaca 3), and Little Qari (Start on March/April)

Can I request a homework for my children at home?

LC will not give homework to your children except for extra worksheet if needed. All the books will be left at school and it will be given after it is done.

How can parents contribute on children's rapid performance for reading?

Parents are encouraged to do reading at home at least 5 to 10 minutes everyday using LC method to ensure the process of reading running smooth

Can you please explain about school timetable?

All students must be arriving at school before 8.30am every day as we will do reading/ bahasa/ English/ Little Qari before class lesson start. School session ends at 12.00/12.30pm. ( Monday to Thursday) and 11.30/12.00pm (friday). Full program extended to 5.30pm

Is there any extra charges for early drop and late pickup ?

Early drop charge Rm3 ( arrive before 6.45am) and late pickup charge Rm6 ( By 6.00pm)

When should parents pay the monthly fee and did parents get deduction if the children absence for 1 month full?

Monthly fees need to pay before 7th of the month. Fees can be cash, cheque, or online banking. Strictly no refund or deduction given if student is absent except for December due to fix monthly cost.

Can i send somebody else to pick up my children?

Please informed teacher if the person who will fetch your child is not his/her parents.

How can parents communicate and how frequent parents can visit kindergarten?

Do come to our program or parents especially Fast Reading Technique, Parents Teachers Meet Day, Sport Day and other gathering

Can parents accompany their children during orientation week?

Parents are not allowed to enter the school during orientation week( first week of school) but can do so after orientation week.

How can parents know about any updates or information?

Please alert to all memo given either inside your child bag/ given by teaches/ sms, Facebook Page etc.

More Frequently Asked Questions

What are your expectations before sending your child to the kindergarten?

  1. Ensuring my kids can be independent and follow simple orders.
  2. Make sure the programmes that they used were suitable with a child’s emotional and personality development.
  3. The teacher’s experience were sufficient to teach my child.
  4. The reading techniques, environment, Islamic education and also using English as a medium of communication.
  5. Whether the kindergarten pays full attention towards the children or not.
  6. Important aspects like a child’s safety, the co-curriculum, teaching techniques and also the child’s achievements.
  7. Ensuring that my child would have good people around to make friends.
  8. The status of the kindergarten, whether it is registered under the ministry on education.

The problems that parents don’t want to face or they want to avoid when they send their child to a kindergarten

  1. Abusive actions that will result to any kind of harm to the child.
  2. No interaction between my child and their classmates.
  3. Shows no improvement in child’s academic development
  4. My child refuses to go to school because of no interest
  5. Changes in kindergarten fees and etc
  6. Accidents, bullying or were not given their meals on time.
  7. A child’s lack of interest to go to school because of certain factors such as the environment, the teachers, the schedule and etc
  8. My child will lose his confidence because he cannot follow the syllabus.

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