English Week

 Assalamualaikum W.B.T

Dear parent,

We are going to launch :


This program is specially conduct by Tadika Khalifah Budiman to improve the ability of the students to communicate effectively in English. With this initiative we really hope that parents can join us together to achieve the objective by practicing together with your kids at home, In Shaa Allah.

This program will be conduct into few level which is :

Level 1 – Competition Inside Kindergarten (March 2018)
- To choose a suitable talent and forward to semi final
Level 2 - Semi Final (June 2018)
Level 3 – Final League (September 2018) 

Competition Date


12th March - 4 &5 KG I
Public Speaking – Children will be given simple topic and talk about it in simple way.

13th March - 5 KG II
Poem Recitation – Children will stand up on the stage and recite the poem given by the teacher
*script will be given earlier so that children can practice it at home*.

14th March - 6 KG II
Spelling Bee – Vocab will be given and children need to spell it right!

15th March - Pre Tahfiz
Story Telling Session – Children will stand up on the stage and tell a story (wil be given by teacher earlier to practice)

16th March - Prize-giving ceremony

We really appreciate parents effort to do a practice with kids at home.

Parents are also welcome to prepare and contribute gift to add more fun and celebrate their talent together with us

The winner will continue to represent their kindergarten and compete on the FINAL LEAGUE OF SUPER CALIPHS!

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