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10 Tips Ibu Bapa Mendidik Anak Remaja Muslim

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Orang Islam yang telah berkembang di Barat bertanya apakah beberapa perkara-perkara praktikal ibu bapa boleh lakukan untuk membantu remaja Muslim mengekalkan akhlak Islam mereka.

Merujuk kepada Samana Siddiqui, Ada 10 cara untuk ibu bapa mengekalkan remaja yang Muslim.


4 Tips Supaya Anak Suka Bertudung

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Menutup aurat atau bertudung sememangnya suatu perkara yang mulia di sisi Islam. Namun amat penting untuk kita terapkan dalam diri anak kita untuk bertudung sejak dari kecil.

Merujuk Firdaus Azizi, terdapat 4 tips supaya anak suka bertudung.

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Dulu Ada Earth Hour, Sekarang Kita Ada World Quran Hour – JOM JOIN!!

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Tahniah kerana sebelum ini kita bersungguh-sungguh menjayakan program Earth Hour bagi menjaga planet kita, sangat memberangsangkan sambutan yang diterima.

Untuk pengetahuan semua, 24 Ramadhan lalu, Karangkraf pernah melalukan kempen #MalaysiaNgaji  bersempena dengan malam-malam terakhir Ramadhan. Semoga segala amalan kita diterima Allah SWT.


9 Tricks To Make Your 3 Year Old Love Nurseries

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Eventually there will come time where you need additional support to raise your child. Separation can be hard especially for the little ones. Any mother would be nervous to send off her loved ones to a new environment. Nursery can be scary for mothers but especially the kids. There’s only one thing you can give to your child to make them brave and that is their wings.

So let’s make this journey both easier for you and your kids using these suggestions on how to stop kids from crying by Daniella Delaney.


5 Tips Your Kids Will Finally Listen To You

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As good parents, we should be able to distinguish how much is too much when it comes to discipline. Here are some effective disciplines for children by Ben Martin that we can use for our children.


5 Tips On Getting Your Kids Off Their Cell Phones

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Technology is a good tool, but we also need to remind them about the living. Life is not meant to be trapped in the world of technology. Nature is too beautiful to miss out on! Here’s a few guidelines as recommended by Jennifer to ensure screen time isn’t overtaking your childs’ days and some outdoor activity ideas for kids.


8 Tips Raise The Muslim Child You’ve Always Wanted

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Children are easily influenced by their surroundings. These days it is impossible to shield our children from all the negative forces that can shape their minds and, ultimately, their behavior. Children are the future of a generation. Therefore as parents we need to ensure that we use the best methods in raising Muslim children.

Here are a few tips from quranreading.com that you can use to raise little caliphs!


10 Secrets To Make Your Child a Creative Thinker

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Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a painter or a sculptor.  Problem-solving and innovative thinking in any industry begins with the power of imagination. In order to inspire this power in our children we need to start with the basics like telling stories, make art, use natural/generic materials and also foster a sense of inner space.

Here are some ideas to enhance creativity in child development and boost your child’s imagination to the fullest.


6 Ways to Be More Khushu During Salah

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We’re all leading busy lives and this can affect the time we spend in worship to Allah S.W.T. Therefore, in the little time we spend worshiping Him, we want to make sure this is done right. Here are a few points recommended by Abu Omar on how to concentrate during salah.

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9 Ideas on Changing Your House Into a Living Dream!

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Decorating can get tricky if you don’t really know where to start. These are a few tips that Abby Stone shared on her article that you can use to enhance your decorating skills so your house would look beautiful like you’ve always imagined.